Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Its been one hell of a trip. I've learnt a lot of lessons that can only come with experience. "be more dramatic with your lines" "make the foot make a statement" "the rim of the pot should finish it off"

While here I've been making my own work (though it hasn't been fired yet) it'll bee nice to see how my pots come out of the kiln...though its a few months away.

I wouldn't of been able to get here without the help of my friends at the London Potters Guild, I won't name any names because I'll probably forget someone and I just know that I would never live it down.

Tomorrow I begin my long journey home, My plain leaves at 6am from Cardiff on the 23rd so tomorrow I'll be staying in a Hotel. Now is the hardest part of the trip...Limbo..

My tools are clean. 

My bags are packed

And the last bisque is loaded.