Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Not surprisingly its been a long time since I've updated my blog. People probably think that I'm still on a plane over the ocean....this is not true.

I've been very busy making...making...making...

 A wee 2 jug for some refreshments. 

Some bowls, made these the first day of classes. 

pie plates....not one of these came out of the kiln looking even remotely nice, lessons learned in firing. 

If I look like death in this photo it may be because I'm a "little" tired, I was cleaning some clay I found on my farm in London. 

some tests to make a bubble gum pink slip for decorating. 

experimenting with slip decoration, the one looks like a seagull pooped on it. 

And always firing Kilns (bisque firing, these were glaze fired a few weeks later, this is work by the class)

and sometimes you don't always get the firing schedule right when your on a time frame

some mugs, I had a lot of fun making these

this guy was my favourite....theres no attached sureal

heres that local clay of mine at ^o4, ^6 and ^10....its a tea-dust

I don't know if this casserole will fit in an oven, but oh well it'll hold popcorn at a party. 

tiny little shooters, I put a lot of these into the wood firing we did last week. They fit Everywhere

The unloading of our wood kiln

A cup with two stories, fired on its side on shells. 

The department head said this was a little over done, but then she said that thats OK because its just who I am. 

Sorry I haven't been updating in the last while, I've gone a little "nuts" with school, gallery openings, and everything else. I'll update again in a couple of days after critiques.