Sunday, 9 June 2013

Going with a Giant to meet a Giant.

Phil took me to the Ken Matsuzaki opening at the Goldmark Gallery. Phil is so generious with his time and his knowledge, as we were looking at the work he would come up to me and talk to me about the pots and how I should pay a lot of attention to them because every time we go to opening we are provided with another perspective. Phil's been talking to me about finding my own way, I shouldn't copy anything that I see. Only take aspects and small details that could be incorporated into my own work.

Everyone has a voice and when I find mine, I'll know it. 

Every single pot had a presence and an elegance about it. It was like looking at something that just seemed to work on all levels, every detail from the foot to the rim, what was in the clay and on the glaze was carefully considered. 

I was very fortunate to meet Ken, he was very nice and open about explaining his work. 

The part I love most about Potters, is that there never not willing to share their knowledge.

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