Sunday, 21 July 2013

A week in the sun.

I've been here at the Leach pottery in St. Ives a week now and I think that all those things that Phil has been telling me are starting to settle in. Theres almost an attitude about being a potter. A lot of the people here have this very relaxed attitude about pots. 

This is not a beautiful bowl, but Bill Marshall made it in the 60's. You can tell that it wasn't in a good spot in the kiln, its kinda rough and not well decorated.  I picked it up and didn't question its function. I felt the wall thickness and its perfect. Its substantial but light, and when you look at it it almost looks like its floating. I love it. 

I love St. Ives

We fired the soda kiln, more than 300 pots in the soda kiln. This is the standard ware for the pottery. The pottery is in a transition into a new range, before the pots were beautiful but didn't function very well and took too long to make. The idea now is to design a standard ware range that can be made in larger quantities that function better.  

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