Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Orange Peels and Hand Prints

I've started photographing some of my better work from last semester as it comes out of the glaze.

The only one of these that isn't glazed in the spray booth is the white one which has what looks like a hand print...because it is. I think that making good pots is about making good choices at every stage of the work. The hand print is where I held onto the little guy as I dunked it into the glaze bucket.

I've been thinking that its important to show craftsmanship in a clean well made pots where the makers marks are almost non existent... But if your making something where the makers marks are left behind. For example, where you would normally find small finger marks around the foot where the potter held onto the foot while they were glazing it. Shouldn't you really go out of your way to show that its made a certain way. Instead of just saying "well thats ok, it shows its been made in a certain way" and leaving those small finger marks. You should intend to show that you made it in a certain way and show that you made that choice.

The trick is making those marks without it looking like crap.

The others are clean and attention is payed to show as few marks as possible. The decoration on these pots comes from the kiln and the layering of the glaze from the sprayer.

I'll probably change my mind a few more times before I'm finished school.

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